Frankincense ROCKS!!!!

I have had a virus, that involves the nerves,  three times in my life and every once in awhile I experience residual discomfort as a result .  Today I had a some discomfort on the tops of both thighs and down my right leg. I felt like bits of glass were just under the surface of the skin. I was unable to tolerate anything touching it. my shorts rubbing against my legs were excruciating. As the day progressed, the top of my right foot began to hurt, it felt as if it was broken.  As the evening went on, It was becoming more and more painful and it became difficult for me to walk.

I researched a few different oils and decided to make up my own blend.  I have used lavender to calm skin issues, so I used lavender. I have been told  “When in doubt, use frankincense”  and  clove oil has been used by dentists to help numb and act as a natural antibiotic. so I used that as well.

When I mixed my blend, I added 20 drops of frankincense, 10 drops of lavender and a drop of clove to a dropper bottle and then added a tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil.  I mixed it up really well and filled the dropper and placed the oil on my thighs. Within minutes, the irritation in my left leg was completely gone and  had diminished quite a bit in my right leg. I used the oil again an hour later and after the second time, my right leg felt better.  The top of my foot was still quite uncomfortable, so I decided to try the oil there as well. It eased after an hour, I used it again and it was almost gone.  I LOVE frankincense.

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