The JOY of the Holidays!!!

I received my Holiday blend today and ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!!!!  I am diffusing it now.  My oldest daughter came in and asked “Mommy, what is that smell, it is so peaceful and happy” I told her what it was and she asked if I could diffuse it ALL the time.

Sarah NEVER comments on any oils, she has a VERY weak sense of smell and LOVES the smell of skunk, burning rubber and burning hair. (those are probably the only things that she can really smell)  When she commented on this, it filled me with Joy!!!  She has a diffuser in her room that I put oils in at night to diffuse, but she never noticed them.  She asked if she could put this new oil in. I, of course, immediately said YES!!!

I placed another order and now will be stocked for the year (hopefully) I have a total of 6 bottles now.

This is a miracle blend that I literally stumbled on for my daughter who lives with many different mood, cognitive and psychological issues.  I noticed a HUGE difference in her mood, she has been happier and more engaging with the family. She no longer stays in her room all day, but will come out and “be” with us.

Sometimes, I wish I had known about these oils a few years ago, but I am so VERY THANKFUL that God has led me to them.

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