The power of Myrrh

I have had a great deal of discomfort in my fooot for the last few days (I suspect a stress fracture) and it feels like the top has been crushed. Nothing was working. I usually put my oils in roller bottles for ease of application. I applied the oils I would normally use when I have some swelling and discomfort(lemongrass, cypress and wintergreen) but it wasn’t helping at all.  Last night, I participated in an online class about oils of the bible. It prompted me to read more scripture that referenced Myrrh. I hobbled over to my oils to get  cypress, helichrysum and frankincense . I was “told” to put the frankincense down and get the myrrh. After applying the cypress and helichrysum and rubbing them in, I finally applied three drops of the myrrh, I felt a warming over my foot and part of my ankle. Once I was finished applying the oils, I got up to put them away. When I stood up, it felt as if the uncomfortable feeling had started to ease. (I thought I was imagining it) I continued walking in to the living room to sit down and as I sat, I noticed that it indeed  had indeed eased.  I was truly astounded at how quickly myrrh had made walking bearable. From now on, I think my go to oil for this experience will be Myrrh. I might add that it was so bad that I was ready to take something for it, something I have not done (not even something specifically designed to ease discomfort) in 11 months. I am so grateful for these oils and the knowledge that God has given me on how to use them.