Sleep success!!!

I finally have my vetiver!  I have been working on a blend of oils for a few weeks to find a successful combination that will allow my daughters and my husband to sleep well.  Currently (the last 3 nights) I have used 2 drops of vetiver, 3 drops of ylang ylang and 3 drops of clary sage.  This may be the combination!!!

In the past I have tried serenity, frankincense and lavender. As it turns out, lavender has been unsuccessful. (I have spoken with several people and they say lavender does not work – the people I have spoken with are dealing with cognitive and mood issues with their children. These are the issues I deal with)  Serenity has lavender in it so it does not work for them at night, but I can use it during the day for moods.  I did have success with Frankincense, but then my youngest said she didn’t have the same response as when I first started it for her.

The last 3 nights my daughter has reported that she slept well and remembers her dreams (her definition of a good night sleep). She asked me to try putting a couple of drops of vetiver and a few drops of ylang ylang in a roller bottle to use on her feet at night.  I will try that tonight.   It really makes me happy that she can request oils that she knows will help her.  I am waiting for my oldest to be able to tell me what helps her.  For my husband, I am just observing right now. He is slowly allowing me to use some on him. For now, I will just continue to use them in our humidifier/diffuser.