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I love diffusing essential oils in my home!

The aromatic use of essential oils can purify the air in your home, improve mood, help emotions, assist in promoting healthy lung function, help calm for a better night sleep and so much more.

I love my diffusers! My favorite is my aroma mist diffuser. It is in my living room in my house and everyone that comes to my house asks where they can get a diffuser of their own.

Here are my Top 15 favorite diffuser blends. All of these blends are added to 80ml of water and then put in my diffuser.

Energizing Blend
4 drops Peppermint
4 drops Wild Orange

Sunshine Bliss
3 drops Wild Orange
3 drops Grapefruit
2 drops Lemon
1 drop Bergamot

Focus Blend
2 drops Frankincense
2 drops Vetiver
4 drops Balance

Calming Diffusing Blend
3 drops Lavender
3 drops Geranium
2 drops Roman Chamomile
2 drops Clary Sage
2 drops Ylang Ylang

Be Happy
4 drops Joyful blend
4 drops Invigorating blend

Allergies Be Gone
2 drops Peppermint
2 drops Lemon
2 drops Lavender

The Dude’s Blend
2 drops Wintergreen
2 drops Cypress
2 drops White Fir

Emotional Healing Blend
2 drops Wild Orange
2 drops Bergamot
2 drops Cypress
2 drops Frankincense

Breathe Easy
4 drops Respiratory blend
2 drops Eucalyptus
2 drops Peppermint

Stress Relief  Now
4 drops Lavender
3 drops Clary Sage
2 drops Ylang  Ylang
1 drop  Marjoram

Workout Time
2 drops Metabolic blend
2 drops Peppermint
2 drops Grapefruit

Fall In Love With Fall
4 drops Wild Orange
4 drops Cassia

Holiday Bliss
2 drops White Fir
2 drops Cassia
2 drops Wild Orange

Purify The Air
4 drops Invigorating blend
4 drops Cleansing blend

Sleepy Time
4 drops Calming blend
2 drops Roman Chamomile
2 drops Wild Orange

The power of Myrrh

I have had a great deal of discomfort in my fooot for the last few days (I suspect a stress fracture) and it feels like the top has been crushed. Nothing was working. I usually put my oils in roller bottles for ease of application. I applied the oils I would normally use when I have some swelling and discomfort(lemongrass, cypress and wintergreen) but it wasn’t helping at all.  Last night, I participated in an online class about oils of the bible. It prompted me to read more scripture that referenced Myrrh. I hobbled over to my oils to get  cypress, helichrysum and frankincense . I was “told” to put the frankincense down and get the myrrh. After applying the cypress and helichrysum and rubbing them in, I finally applied three drops of the myrrh, I felt a warming over my foot and part of my ankle. Once I was finished applying the oils, I got up to put them away. When I stood up, it felt as if the uncomfortable feeling had started to ease. (I thought I was imagining it) I continued walking in to the living room to sit down and as I sat, I noticed that it indeed  had indeed eased.  I was truly astounded at how quickly myrrh had made walking bearable. From now on, I think my go to oil for this experience will be Myrrh. I might add that it was so bad that I was ready to take something for it, something I have not done (not even something specifically designed to ease discomfort) in 11 months. I am so grateful for these oils and the knowledge that God has given me on how to use them.

Thanking God for my oils and the wisdom He gives me.

Personal Testimony:

I am SOOOO Grateful for these oils and the wisdom that God has given me for them.
Yesterday I was VERY emotional and SAD and depressed ALL day!!!!
Last night around 8:30, I felt so down and started reading my bible. Then I picked up my emotions book. I made a blend of 5 drops each of: Bergamot, Cedarwood, Helichrysum, Juniper Berry, Melissa, Roman Chamomile and Sandlewood. I added 8 drops of Myrrh and 10 drops of Frankincense. I put it in a 4ml roller bottle and topped with fractionated coconut oil. I then swiped my finger over the Melissa and held it on the roof of my mouth. I added to my diffuser 3 drops each of Frank, Myrrh, Cedarwood and white fir. I rolled the blend over my right ear, right temple and foot and tip of right toe. I then rolled it over my heart. Everyone was in bed and I had my Christmas tree on and just sat and was into the Word. I noticed that the darkness that was surrounding me was slowly lifting and I started to feel better. I went to bed at 11, but before bed, I rolled the blend on the bottoms of my feet and over my heart. When I awoke this morning, I got up to greet the day with Joy. I addressed Christmas cards, went to the post office and came home to study for my math final that I will be leaving for in 1/2 hour. I will be working out probably this evening. Thank you LORD for Loving me and always wanting the VERY best for me.

The JOY of the Holidays!!!

I received my Holiday blend today and ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!!!!  I am diffusing it now.  My oldest daughter came in and asked “Mommy, what is that smell, it is so peaceful and happy” I told her what it was and she asked if I could diffuse it ALL the time.

Sarah NEVER comments on any oils, she has a VERY weak sense of smell and LOVES the smell of skunk, burning rubber and burning hair. (those are probably the only things that she can really smell)  When she commented on this, it filled me with Joy!!!  She has a diffuser in her room that I put oils in at night to diffuse, but she never noticed them.  She asked if she could put this new oil in. I, of course, immediately said YES!!!

I placed another order and now will be stocked for the year (hopefully) I have a total of 6 bottles now.

This is a miracle blend that I literally stumbled on for my daughter who lives with many different mood, cognitive and psychological issues.  I noticed a HUGE difference in her mood, she has been happier and more engaging with the family. She no longer stays in her room all day, but will come out and “be” with us.

Sometimes, I wish I had known about these oils a few years ago, but I am so VERY THANKFUL that God has led me to them.

Sleep success!!!

I finally have my vetiver!  I have been working on a blend of oils for a few weeks to find a successful combination that will allow my daughters and my husband to sleep well.  Currently (the last 3 nights) I have used 2 drops of vetiver, 3 drops of ylang ylang and 3 drops of clary sage.  This may be the combination!!!

In the past I have tried serenity, frankincense and lavender. As it turns out, lavender has been unsuccessful. (I have spoken with several people and they say lavender does not work – the people I have spoken with are dealing with cognitive and mood issues with their children. These are the issues I deal with)  Serenity has lavender in it so it does not work for them at night, but I can use it during the day for moods.  I did have success with Frankincense, but then my youngest said she didn’t have the same response as when I first started it for her.

The last 3 nights my daughter has reported that she slept well and remembers her dreams (her definition of a good night sleep). She asked me to try putting a couple of drops of vetiver and a few drops of ylang ylang in a roller bottle to use on her feet at night.  I will try that tonight.   It really makes me happy that she can request oils that she knows will help her.  I am waiting for my oldest to be able to tell me what helps her.  For my husband, I am just observing right now. He is slowly allowing me to use some on him. For now, I will just continue to use them in our humidifier/diffuser.

Sometimes I feel like a mad scientist.


Lately I have been trying new oils and blending oils in the attempt to “land” on something that will help my husband sleep.  In the past, I have used a respiratory blend, calming blend and grounding blend in our humidifier/diffuser.  I am finding that the calming blend, while it calms, does not promote sleep for either my daughters or my husband.  For the last couple of nights,the blend that I am using is Cypress and  Frankincense.  I have been sleeping well with this mix. I will ask him later how he slept.

For my daughters, Frankincense mixed with fractionated coconut oil on the bottoms of their feet seems to be working well.

So for now, I will continue to mix and blend.

Yay, we didn’t need to schedule an appointment!!!

Yesterday Jessica got up and said “Mommy, I’m coughing up brown stuff and my throat hurts.”  I went to get the protective blend and rubbed it on her throat and chest. She said she was feeling a bit better. When she went to bed, I put a couple of drops of the respiratory blend and Melaleuca on the filter of her humidifier and rolled Frankincense on the bottoms of her feet. When she woke up this morning, she told me that then she coughed, it was a lot clearer and the soreness in her throat was gone.  I love that I didn’t have to schedule an appointment with the doctor. Update June 15th: Today, Jessica’s cough is gone and no throat issues. 🙂

I Don’t want to be dependent on it…

This morning my 15 year old daughter Jessica told me she didn’t sleep well last night. I asked her why and she told me that her head wouldn’t calm down. I told her that she should have reminded me to rub the calming and grounding blends on her feet. She replied by telling me- “I don’t want to become dependent on something to help me sleep, that is why I took myself off of melatonin”. I explained to her that the oils were natural and so was melatonin, that she would not become addicted to them. I also told her that the oils weren’t used to make her fall asleep, but to relax her and quiet her mind so that she could fall asleep. She asked if I could roll the oils on her feet tonight before she went to bed.  🙂

Mystery bug bites and Melaleuca

My daughters and I attended a birthday party this afternoon at a park where it was quite warm with a lot of ants and other bugs around.  We had a really nice time.  Later in the evening, my eldest daughter came out to show me a bump on her leg. She said it itched really bad. When I looked at it, there was a lump with a red circle around it and I had no idea what kind of a bite it was.  I put melaleuca on it right away and then got my Modern Essentials book to look up insect bites and what oils to use.  Most everything said lavender and melaleuca.  She said it was still itchy so I put lavender on it.  By the time she went to bed, the swelling and redness had all but disappeared.  I love my essential oils.  🙂

Frankincense ROCKS!!!!

I have had a virus, that involves the nerves,  three times in my life and every once in awhile I experience residual discomfort as a result .  Today I had a some discomfort on the tops of both thighs and down my right leg. I felt like bits of glass were just under the surface of the skin. I was unable to tolerate anything touching it. my shorts rubbing against my legs were excruciating. As the day progressed, the top of my right foot began to hurt, it felt as if it was broken.  As the evening went on, It was becoming more and more painful and it became difficult for me to walk.

I researched a few different oils and decided to make up my own blend.  I have used lavender to calm skin issues, so I used lavender. I have been told  “When in doubt, use frankincense”  and  clove oil has been used by dentists to help numb and act as a natural antibiotic. so I used that as well.

When I mixed my blend, I added 20 drops of frankincense, 10 drops of lavender and a drop of clove to a dropper bottle and then added a tablespoon of fractionated coconut oil.  I mixed it up really well and filled the dropper and placed the oil on my thighs. Within minutes, the irritation in my left leg was completely gone and  had diminished quite a bit in my right leg. I used the oil again an hour later and after the second time, my right leg felt better.  The top of my foot was still quite uncomfortable, so I decided to try the oil there as well. It eased after an hour, I used it again and it was almost gone.  I LOVE frankincense.

Frankincense - Copy - Copy